Diablo 4: how to defeat Avarice?

Avarice is one of the world bosses in Diablo 4. In this guide, we’ll show you how to find and defeat him.

You’ll find Avarice in the Seared Basin in Kehjistan. To fight against this boss require up to 12 players. Once in the area, a countdown will start to indicate when it appears. Once the countdown is over, Avarice will emerge from the massive portal to enter the scene.

Avarice's health is divided into 4 tiers and each time players inflict damage, new phases are triggered. In each phase, potions appear nearby Avarice, giving players the opportunity to heal themselves.

Avarice has a stagger bar which when filled stuns him for 12 seconds. This mechanic, also known as "Stagger", is of great importance, and it is recommended to use as much crowd control (CC) as possible to facilitate the fight.

Avarice attacks / skills:

Chest Swing: Sends his chest forward and then rotates 360 degrees around itself. You must maintain a safe distance to avoid it.

Cleave: Raises his mallet and violently strikes the ground in the shape of a cone. Deals heavy area damage over a long range. Here you’ll get few seconds escape from the attack.

Portal Charge: He creates a portal and jump into it. Then the portal reappears further away and Avarice charges out of the portal and deals heavy damage to anyone in its path. So stay away.

He also has the ability to vomit gold, round stomp and summon pillars to block attacks. However, these skills do not require extreme vigilance to overcome the Avarice.