Diablo 4: how to earn more XP and level up fast in D4?

In this article we’ll share some useful tips on how to earn more XP quickly in Diablo 4 (D4).

Kill Monsters: This is actually one of the best ways to gain XP. Kill every monster you encounter, whether it's a wolf or a 5m tall monster, till the last one if they all give XP points. You'll level up quickly, but keep an eye on them and don't let any of them get away.

Complete Dungeons: Completing Dungeons will earn you better and more loot including XP. Champion's Demise Dungeon is particularly interesting because it has more monsters and offers excellent opportunities for farming XP, especially when done in a group. (Champion's Demise can be found in Dry Steppes, to the south of the region. Once you are inside the dungeon, you will need to complete the following steps:

- Replace the three carved stones on the pedestals in the center of the area. They aren't constantly in the same location, so you just need to search the dungeon.

- After then, you must eliminate the Cairns Defilers. These two elites shouldn't be too difficult to handle.

- Finally, proceed to the boss room to defeat the Abomination Karza. This boss is quite classic and you've probably encounter it before. Simply be aware of the poisonous she lays on the ground).

 So try to complete as many dungeons as much as possible to earn more XP.

Choose The Right Difficulty Level: As you climb the difficulty levels, you’ll start to earn more XP however, Diablo 4 can be an extremely difficult and tricky game so you will have to pick the difficulty level carefully. Keep in mind that you can change the difficulty level during your progress and will have to complete Dungeons to unlock Torment and Nightmare modes.

Play Together: Playing with your friends is more enjoyable. Besides, you'll be able to tackle / kill monsters quickly and earn more XP.

Activate statue in Sanctuary and kill as many monsters as possible to earn more XP.