Diablo 4 Inventory full: how to organize, fix Invisible Wall?

The inventory in Diablo 4 is not that difficult to organize as all items are the same size. But we get countless of gems, gear, and quest rewards. So how do you save space?


In Diablo 4, organizing inventory might be a challenging task. In this article, we'll share some useful tips on how to store and organize your inventory!


Pick up only the valuable items - Don't pick-up everything lying around on the floor! While it's tempting not to leave anything on the floor, as the game progresses, blue and white objects become completely uninteresting. Don't bother with them!


Don't hesitate to return to the city - You can use the "T" key on the PC or D-Pan on consoles to unlock portal (the portal that you may use to go back to where you started) to go back to town. If you have a limited number of destinations, take use of this to travel back and forth regularly.


Put your gems in recyclable equipment - Gems take up a considerable inventory space. To save space, you can put the gems you find in items that you will recycle before storing them in your chest! By recycling items with gems, you will get them back.


If you want to be more efficient, use "Junk" feature. You can use space bar to label an item as Junk. With this option, you can only read an object once, and as soon as you realize it is useless for you, you may mark it as Junk and stop worrying about it. Also, you can sell or scrap items from artisans without having to worry about doing so with a valuable item. Saving time


The rewards you collect at the end of the quests take up space unnecessarily, use Stash / Slots as much as possible.


Diablo 4 Invisible Wall, how to fix the issue?


Like other games, Diablo 4 occasionally has issues that limit your progress. This is the case of the Invisible Wall, which can occasionally interrupt your progress.

It appears that the Invisible Walls error can happen when the game fails to recognize that the character has crossed into a new area. Blizzard Support advice players to try entering a different location then go back and try again to cross the boundary of the problem area again.

You can restart the game or contact support and file a bug report if the issue still exists.

This problem is known to Blizzard and there will undoubtedly be a ton of hotfixes to address the issues that the Diablo 4 gamers are experiencing.