Diablo 4: which World Tier difficulty to choose for leveling?

You may want to start your Diablo 4 (D4) adventure, but you don't know which difficulty to choose? In this article, we’ll help you selecting D4 World Tier difficulty levels.

D4 offers you 5 classes: Necromancer, Druid, Rogue, Barbarian and Sorcerer. Leveling is carryout by completing main quests, side quests, dungeons and defeating monsters.

In D4, you have the choice between 4 difficulties (World Tiers): Adventure, Veteran, Nightmare and Torment. At the start of the game, from level 1 to 50, you can pick either Adventure or Veteran (World Tier 1 or 2). If you want to know which of the two is more effective at leveling up your character well, the answer is if you are a Barbarian, a Druid or a Necromancer, the best will be to play in Adventure to level up as quickly as possible. The Rogue and Sorcerer can play Veteran but can switch back to Adventure mode if you're having difficulty against certain Bosses or elite monsters.

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If you are in a group of 2, 3 or 4 players, the Veteran mode will allow you to have a real gaming experience. But, if you feel that things are going too slowly, don't hesitate to switch to Adventure mode.

Please note that if this is your first campaign, then it is best not to think too much about optimization but to enjoy every moment. You will have the chance to redo the campaign several times and optimize yourself to go as fast as possible.

In brief, players agree that Adventure mode is probably the one that will make you level up faster.