Final Fantasy 16: how to beat Huntsman and unlock Chocobo?

Since the Final Fantasy 16 (FFXVI) maps are fairly large to walk on foot, especially around the game's midpoint and with all of the monsters that are scattered throughout, you should probably get a Chocobo mount as soon as you can. 

Fortunately, you can get your mounts very early on or around midway through the game, but you might miss out on it if you don't notice the quest.  Once you finish this quest, you'll be able to start finishing rest of the quest more quickly. 

The Chocobo allows you to move quickly around pretty much any open area of any map at considerably faster speeds than on foot. You can call the Chocobo by pressing and holding the R3 button. Passing through enemies while mounted is both faster and safer. So, if you want to avoid fighting all of those creatures in between quests, then this is the mount you need to get.

Keep in mind that you must have completed at least the Gathering Storm main story quest before you may advance, and you should now be somewhere near Martha's Rest in the Imperial province of Rosaria.

After completing the Release sub-main quest task you should check your map at Martha's Rest. In contrast to the other side quests, this one has a green plus icon. The White Winged Wonder quest can be start at the village's southeast corner by the bridge. Go over and speak with Rowan, who will tell you about a Chocobo named Whiteheart who has been defending the other wild Chocobo from bandits. He worries that some assistance is required before we can accept the quest and go to the next quest marker in the south-east. There will be a white feather showing that we're heading in the proper direction. Howeer, our quest marker will update, forcing us to head south once more. Once there, you will see some bandits who are preparing to attack the chocobo; fortunately, we have arrived just in time. Now is the time to engage in combat and eliminate these bandits. Once you have eliminated a few of them, reinforcements will begin to show up. One of these reinforcements will be a Huntsman, who is a little tougher and has a stagger gauge, and you will want to eliminate him. Try to stagger him while concentrating on dodging his sluggish and powerful swing attacks. Just keep in mind that you have your potions available. After dealing with them all, you will have a heartwarming scene with Whiteheart.

After that, you will be able to use his attack, which is shown in the Hideaway, as well as ride him. Following this, the game will permanently unlock your very own Chocobo. You can summon your own reliable Chocobo by simply pressing R3 in any open map area. You may now easily run past all of the enemies as you travel between quest points.

We wanted to draw your attention to this, since if you skip this side quest, you won't get your mount at all.