Final Fantasy FF16: how to get Dragon Talon Claw, unlock Ifrit?

Final Fantasy XVI (FF16), the most recent installment of the popular Final Fantasy game series, features innovative game where crafting materials are essential.

Crafting materials like Dragon Talons or Claws are important as they are used to advance your main character, Clive. With the use of these components, Blackthorne, the most important NPC (blacksmith) in Cid, will be able to craft / forge your equipment.

In order to get dragon Talons to forge items, you must beat dragons.

Here are some strategies you can use to get Talons:

Killing monsters in the outside world and in dungeons is a common way to gain rewards like Dragon Talons. You’ll certainly get one by defeating the Dragon Aevis in Fanning Embers mission in Greatwood. These missions are given by various individuals in the game.

Here’s how to beat Dragon Aevis

Since Dragon Talons are a rare resource, finding them won't always be easy. Know that this material will be beneficial to you at Blackthorne's Forge!

Also, take the time to carefully explore the areas you visit because many materials-filled chests are typically concealed off the regular road.

How to Unlock or summon Ifrit (Eikon) and get his powers or abilities?

The Primals in FF16 are somewhat unique; unlike previous Final Fantasy games, these Primals are kept by Eikons, giving them access to a fraction of their power. A Primal can also be transformed from an Eikon. The power of these God entities can be absorbed by Clive, giving him the ability to wield them as he pleases, but he is unable to employ them in their true form.

While every Primal is represented by a natural element of nature, Ifrit is unique in that it has the ability to control fire, much like the Phoenix. Also, Ifrit is very special because it's the only Primal that Clive is able to transform into.

How to get it?

You will face each Primal during adventure and you will get Ifrit after beating Eikon of Fire. This is the second Primal you will face; it will appear immediately after the start of your adventure, the Buried Memories main quest. 

Ifrit's Abilities

Ifrit has very offensive abilities, which plays on mobility.

Will o' the Wykes (Wisp): Creates flames surrounding you that damage foes nearby and counter up to two attacks.

Ignition: Charge while attacking to deal many hits and push the enemy back, can be used while in the air. 

Limit Break: When the Limit Break gauge is halfway full, use L3 plus R3 to temporarily improve battle performance.