League of Legends: how Emerald Rank tier works in LoL?

In League of Legends (LoL), each season introduces a new set of features and changes. Riot Games has announced a significant modification to the ranking system for this year, which includes the addition of a new rank, Emerald.

Previously, the ranking system in LoL looks like a pyramid. Riot Games decided to change this distribution because the Silver and Bronze players outnumbered Gold, Platinum and diamond players

In fact, Silver and Gold player rankings are currently above average. Therefore, segment 2 of the current season will have a more even distribution with Gold as the main focus.

The new Emerald rank will sit between Diamond and Platinum, and it will have about the same number of players as the latter. Thus, a significant number of players will see their rank raise, while maintaining the exclusivity and prestige of the higher ranks (Master, Grandmaster and Challenger).

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The Riot team will carry out a partial rank reset with the launch of the Emerald rank. Players will start the next segment at a higher tier than they did after the last reset.

Besides, the regular promotion series will also be removed, reducing the stress associated with these recurring challenges. Instead, players will be able to climb the rankings as soon as they have enough League Points (LP).

Riot Games is dedicated to enhancing the game experience along with these adjustments, specifically by addressing the smurfs issue and streamlining matchmaking. As a result of these changes, all players should experience a more balanced and satisfying gaming experience.