Samsung Galaxy S24 All new features, improvements and specs

The performance of the Galaxy S23 Ultra marked the most significant change. Despite having a nearly identical appearance to its predecessor, the phone's success in terms of sales and public acceptance was largely due to its performance. The phone delivers good performance in CPU and GPU demanding workloads while yet managing to provide a long battery life.


Many people thought that the Galaxy S24 Ultra wouldn't experience the same dramatic improvement in performance. That turns out to be far from the case as we are now getting our first look at the RAW power and efficiency that the Galaxy S24 Ultra is capable of.


The latest CPU and GPU cores from ARM, a British company that develops the architecture for processors used in smartphones, tablets, and wearables, have been made public. This architecture will be used by manufacturers like Qualcomm and Samsung for its Exynos 2400 and Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipsets, which will power the Galaxy S24 line-up.


ARM asserts that the power consumption of its cortex X4 CPU core, which will handle demanding single-threaded workloads, will be drastically reduced by 40%. As a result, the Galaxy S24 family will use less power when doing demanding tasks like gaming, multitasking and camera.


The other two cores, which are used for daily activities like web browsing and social networking apps, will be 22% and 20% more efficient than their predecessor cores. This should result in longer battery life.


ARM claims a 27% increase in multi-threadedstasks. Notably, the Cortex X4 core has a 2MB L2 cache, which is twice as much as it had last year, and can operate at speeds of up to 3.4GHz.


Samsung, Galaxy S24, All New Features, Improvements, Specs

Overall, ARM has concentrated on improving the performance and efficiency of its new CPUs, which will result in the S24 Ultra having an even longer battery life than the S23 Ultra.


ARM also introduced their Mali GPU cores but we won't discuss it here as Qualcomm and Samsung won't be using them in their Galaxy S24 chipsets. However, there was a rumor that the S24 Ultra's visuals will be 50% better than the S23 Ultra's, which is a significant improvement.


Later this year, Samsung will begin updating their phones with Android 14 and their OneUI 6 skins. I'm sure many of you were curious about whether your device is compatible with the upgrade. Fortunately, Sammobile created a list based on Samsung's software update guidelines, and as you can see, these are the phones that qualify for Android 14 updates.