Arena League of Legends: best Mordekaiser support build

The reveal of Soul Fighter event and the new 2v2v2v2 Arena mode are finally here and it looks really fun. In the new Area mode four teams of two fighters fight against each other in rotating combat rounds until one team wins.  

2v2v2v2 mode will have multiple Arena Maps as well as Augments like in TFT to be able to buff your Champion's abilities. There is a shopping area where you can collect your Augments and then get ported to a new arena.  For now you can only kill Solo or with a friend, so you can make a full party and go fight each other. 

This is a temporary game mode and we don't know if it will become a permanent game mode, for sure the Riot Games wants to run it for the summer event and keep updating it and use the feedback from players and eventually turn into a permanent game mode once finished if people like it enough and it's popular enough to be made permanent.

Also, 2v2v2v2 mode features a unique announcer and it will have mirror matchups but no challenges masteries or returners tracked in it apart from the game mode.

Also, Riot has introduced new Soul Fighter skins such as Samira's ultimate skin as well as the fighting Meta game in the client and more sword fighter stuff. 

Before you jump into our guide on how to play Paladin Mordekaiser / best Mordekaiser support build in 2v2v2v2 you can also check out our article on the best Combos, Champions in the LoL Arena mode. Please note that this guide is based on what we have observed during the last couple of days of playing.

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The best Mordekaiser support builds  

Mordekaiser is one of the champions that has the potential to be a great Paladin in the LoL Arena Mode. He has a powerful shield and it would even be lethal if it inflicts direct damage or be applied to a support.  

The concept is fairly straightforward: Mordekaiser can have a very impressive shield. The same shield has the potential to be a very powerful heal, but sadly, it only works on Mordekaiser and not at all on his teammates.

What if there was a weapon that let you transfer shields to your teammate, and there were enhancements that let you turn your healing into damage? Thankfully, Arena mode provides all of the answers to our issues. Therefore, we will attempt to apply colossal shields to our support, making it resist almost any burst possible.

The steps to follow are as follows:

- Play Mordekaiser with a combo playing a Carry. A bruiser or an ADC are very good.

- Max the W, then the A, then the E and the R as soon as possible.

- Buy all healing-enhancing items in the following order: Guardian's Angel - Ionian Boots of Lucidity - Spirit Visage - Moonstone Renewer - Redemption - Mikael's Blessing - Chemtech Putrifier

- Take all Augments that increase healing.

- Use all of your rolls to locate Circle of Death if you have a Prismatic Augment choice.

- When you possess Circle of Death, you can utilize your shield in a loop to deal damage with the heal you receive when the shield goes away.

This build is far more powerful with the Circle of Death spell, which allows you to deal huge damage, but it is still highly powerful without it, because you will make your support almost unkillable.