Best graphics settings to run Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart on PC

Ratchet and Clank (R&C) Rift Apart is now officially available to play on PC. The game looks solid during my playthrough. Other than a few stutters and frame drops, Rift Apart runs extremely well on my PC and I had a really good time playing it. Now, if you have a PC that fits within or above the recommended specs then you can play this game smoothly. 

I did play this game with most graphical settings on high or medium. However, I turned off the motion blur and the Screen Shake features. For the display mode I had VSync turned on. For the controller and keyboard you have full remapping capabilities to modify the layouts to your liking. You can also turn off the vibration and adapt to triggers if you want but I like them being on because they feel cool. The background colors can be changed to your needs and liking. For your vision if you want and need you can simplify traversal and change the directional button movements. If you have motion sickness you can go in and adjust each visual feature to your need as well to help you during your playing experience overall.

So here are the Ratchet and Clank (R&C) Rift Apart graphics and display settings, they work well on most PCs.

Display Settings

Window Mode - Fullscreen 

Display Resolution - Native

Aspect Ratio - Auto

VSync - On

Nvidia Reflex Low Latency - On

Best Graphics Settings, Ratchet and Clank, Rift Apart, PC


DLSS Frame Generation - Off (this feature will be available if you have a RTX 4000 series)

Upscale Method - DLSS or AMD FSR 2.1 (Depends on your GPU)

Upscale Quality - Quality

Upscale Sharpness - 5

Graphics Settings

Texture Quality - Very High (depends on the amount of Vram)

Texture Filtering - 16x Anisotropic (depends on the amount of Vram)

Shadow Quality - Medium or High

Ambient Occlusion - SSAO 

Screen Space Reflection - Off

Ray Tracing 

Ray Trace Reflections - Off

Ray Trace Shadows - Off

Ray Trace Ambient Occlusion - Off


Level of Detail - Medium / High

Traffic Density - Low

Hair Quality - Medium

Weather Particle Quality - Medium

Phantom Dash Effects - Off

Camera Effects

Depth of Filed - Off

Bloom - Off

Chromatic Aberration - Off

Vignette - Off

Motion Blur Strength - 0 (Off)

Field of View - 5 Medium  

Film Grain Strength - 0

Sharpness - 5

Fullscreen Effects - Off

Screen Shake - Off     

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