Dawn of Infinity: how to beat all bosses in WoW patch 10.1.5?

The patch 10.1.5 brought the newest mega-dungeon to World of Warcraft Dragonflight, called Dawn of Infinity (WoW DoI).

The Dragonflight's new dungeon is available with the release of update 10.1.5. To access it, you must finish the Dawn of Infinity questline found in the Seat of the Aspects in Valdrakken, where Nozdormu will assign you a quest. In order to enter the Temporal Conflux in Thaldraszus, you’ll have to complete these quests: Dawn of the Infinite, Align in the Sand & On Borrowed Time, Chro-me, Morchie Mayhem and Who's That Chromie?

Once you have completed all quests, go in front of the Conflux to enter the new dungeon.

One might even consider Dawn of Infinity to be a mini-raid because of its complexity. There are several bosses in Dawn of Infinity have really innovative strategies and offer a challenge rarely seen in this type of instance in WoW game series.

In this dungeon, you’ll encounter a number of 8 bosses. In this guide, we won't spend much time discussing trash or other classic monsters; instead, we'll focus on bosses.

How to beat bosses in WoW Dawn of Infinity?


The first boss you will encounter is Chronikar. Keep an eye out for the various ground AoEs wagered by Sand Stomp. When the tank is targeted by Chronikar, a defensive spell is necessary and the healer must quickly use the healing absorption and then dispel the attack.

Eon Shatter is the ability that matters the most in this battle. The player must stray from the raid and the AoE or Chronoikar will attack them. The boss shoots arrows all across the area after he is on the ground. Then, a piece of debris lands on the ground. There will undoubtedly be fatalities if you are not stay away from the area.

Manifested Timeways

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The room is separated into 4 areas for the battle against the Manifested Timeways: 2 light and 2 dark areas. While each light area increases movement speed while dealing damage over time, each dark area reduces damage taken while dealing damage over time.

Avoid Fragments of Time (temporal pockets that move faster in light areas). In order for the tank to be the only one to suffer the attack, he must spend as much time as possible in a dark area with no one else near him.

The player will also be targeted by Chrono-faded, which deals damage over time and deals more severe damage if the player is in a clear area. When the impacted player is in a dark location, he must leave the raid and a healer must then dispel the attack. Then, an AoE will start, which you must dodge.

Blight of Galakrond:

This boss fight is divided into several phases depending on the hit points. The most crucial ability, Corrosive Infusion, needs to be handled effectively. A player that gets this debuff suffers damage. The targeted player becomes mind controlled after 12 seconds. To avoid this, you must hit the debuff bearer to recover it and reset its countdown to 0. Maintain this exchange until the Blight like to cast Blight Reclamation, an AoE on the tank in a cone. Place the debuff on the tank right before the Reclamation because Corrosion removes when Blight Reclamation hits a target that has it.

Also, Blight will drop AoEs on the ground, so be careful.

At 80% health, the Blight transforms into Ahnzon. He then uses Necrotic Winds, AoEs that leave his body that must be dodged.

The Blight changes into Loszkeleth and Dazhak at 50% health. The former summons Deathfrost, an immobilization that deals damage over time as long as it is not destroyed. Do not be in front when the second fires a breath.

Iridikron the Stonescaled:

In this battle, you will face off against Iridikron but Chromie will assist you Be careful, you will also have to protect it! If she dies, it's wiped.

The first ability is Extinction Blast. If the targeted player doesn't hide behind Chromie's protection shield, they die. But Iridikron will also attempt to kill Chromie by directing Earthsurge. To share the damage as evenly as possible, players should stand next to Chromie. Keep in mind that Chromie is curable. You have to take out the boss' shield during Earthsurge. 

Iridikron casts Pulverizing Exhalation when his energy hits 100. This spell inflicts increasing damage as long as the boss does not reach 0% energy. When you deal damage, the boss's energy goes down. In order to lessen the effects of Cataclysmic Obliteration, you must deal as much damage to it as you can. Also during Pulverizing Exhalation, move away from the boss. All the while, stay close to Chromie to increase your damage.

Tyr, the Infinite Keeper:

Tyr will hit the tank multiple times with Infinite Annihilation, creating areas of Consecrated ground that players shouldn't stay in.

Tyr's Spark deals damage to two randomly selected players as well as everyone else within an 8-yard radius. To cast a spell like this one, you must wait until the group has a lot of hit points.

Finally, he will Siphon Oathstone in the center of the room. You just have to absorb the orbs that will move towards it and break down its radiant barrier.


You must avoid being in the tank's path because Morchie will launch a sand blast at it. She will summon adds with Familiar Faces that you must quickly kill and control. In the room, Time Traps will be placed. Pass by Familiar Faces inside rather than walking through it.

She then casts Body Double, bringing in more Morchies, and then hides. You must find the only Morchie different from the others and hide behind it before the end of the Dragon's Breath incantation.

After facing Alliance or Horde, you will face Anduin Lothar or Grommash Hellscream. Don't stay in the Bladestorm, tank him with his back to the raid to avoid Shockwave damage and quickly kill any adds that will spawn.

Chrono-Lord Deios:

There are two phases to this battle. You must kill adds that attempt to open portals during the first phase. Pay close attention to these adds because eliminating them will reduce Deios' life points. The latter will use a Breath on the tank, be careful that only the tank is affected.

Orbs will fall from the sky. When they hit the ground, they deal damage to the raid and apply a debuff that increases damage taken from next orbs by 300% for 4 seconds. Standing under an orb slows its fall. Use this mechanic to your advantage to avoid detonating two orbs in the same 4 seconds.

Once at 20%, Deios attacks you and casts Infinite Corruption on Nozdormu, who is in the room with the other aspects. Avoid AoEs when this spell is cast. These permanent sand puddles are placed on the ground, so you'll be running out of space in the long run.