Pikmin 4 Beginners Guide, tips and strategies for new players

The eagerly awaited Pikmin 4 is now available to play. Regardless of whether you are familiar with the Pikmin series or not, many fans think the game is sufficiently challenging. Here are some helpful gameplay tips and strategies for Pikmin 4 that will help you deal with challenges and make sure your expedition goes as smoothly as possible. 

Our first advice is about time management: The timer in the upper-left corner of your HUD is a key component of the Pikmin game's gameplay. It is important to keep an eye on the timer because it indicates how much longer you have until you and your Pikmin need to return to base. Any Pikmin that do not return by Sundown will be lost, which is something you really want to prevent.  The timer disappears as soon as you enter a cave so you can essentially take as much time as you want to explore. However, the timer will be back there when you return from cave. Naturally, you shouldn't get into too much difficulty if you find yourself playing a little more cautiously. If time management isn't your forte then that's actually even more reason to play this game, since it should help you budget time accordingly and think more strategically and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. 

Our next tip is about exploration: A very important part of time management is Space Management. Even though you have to be mindful of your time constraints, you should still take your time when exploring, especially when you first approach a new location. While you are allowed to take a gung-ho approach, we advise getting a layer of the land so you actually know where things are. Once you've identified the challenges you'll face and the resources you need to gather you can create a better plan and more informed decisions to reduce your risks. So it is ultimately up to you how much time you choose to spend planning and exploring new locations, but even a full day should be more than enjoyable unless you're trying to speedrun the game on your first attempt. If you haven't played any Pikmin games before, this may seem a little intimidating, but as many devoted players will tell you, it's imperative that you get your bearings and do some planning in advance if you want to make your playtime less frustrating and ultimately more successful.

Our next tip is to familiarize with your Pikmin: Your Pikmin are your companions and obedient, faithful servants who would sacrifice their life to keep you safe. It's crucial that you protect them, aware of their strengths and weaknesses, and know what they excel in. For example, Red Pikmin are able to walk through fire unharmed and deal greater damage than other varieties. However, as you might expect, the element of water is their largest weakness. In fact, all Pikmin with the remarkable exception of blue Pikmin struggle with water. So where possible avoid this at all costs.

While having more Pikman available is undoubtedly helpful. If you want to succeed in your campaign, you'll need to learn a number other mechanics as well. You'll need to assign certain duties to different Pikmin and choose the best one for the job.

Also keep in mind that each Pikmin goes through three distinct stages of development: Leaf, Bud, and Flower.

Each stage is stronger than the last. Each stage builds on the previous one.  you'll need to level up your Pikmin so that you can handle more challenging tasks and dangerous foes. You can either carry out this process gradually over time or by having your Pikmin consume nectar, which is collected from various sources that you'll discover during your expedition. Take advantage of whatever nectar you come across because it will be good for you and your Pikmin.

Our next tip is about Oatchi: It is a new addition in Pikmin 4. Oatchi is your companion that serves several important functions in the game. So what can an Oatchi do? Oatchi can transport your explorer and your Pikmin on his back. So if you need to get somewhere faster or just want to cross a body of water an Oatchi can definitely help with the task.

Besides, Oatchi is great for clearing obstacles by smashing through them or dragging them out the way. Since an Oatchi is a trusty canine you can tell him to fetch stuff and drag it to whatever location you need it, which is definitely something you'll want to keep in mind. 

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Last but not least this friendly companion can take care of other tasks while you're busy elsewhere. So while you explore one area an Oatchi can keep busy looking for resources or survivors and so on. Along with Pikmin, an Oatchi is your biggest asset. So be sure to keep him in mind as well since he can save you a lot of time and effort. 

Our next advice is about Rock Pikmin: If you find combat to be extremely difficult or time-consuming then utilizing rock Pikmin frequently could help reduce the amount of time needed to kill foes by a sizable proportion.  

Once more, various combinations of Pikmin work better in some situations than others because they are better suited for particular tasks. In other words if you really want to make your rock Pikmin attacks even more effective combining them with other Pikmin such as Red.

Nex tip is about Pikmin 4 map: It is important to familiarize with your map and the different icons and symbols. A straight line route between your current place and another spot on the map would be ideal. But the chances of being able to do that are extremely rare. In other words, you'll need to determine your course and take into account what's in your way. You can zoom in and out and adjust the map's orientation if you want to get to your destination with all or the majority of your Pikmin still in tact. If you want to get a better perspective everything is obviously represented from a bird's-eye-view. So feel free to switch between your in-game view and the map view as often as you need to stay on course. 

Our final tip is about Rewind Time:  There's a strong chance that you'll make at least one mistake when playing Pikmin 4 and even if you're an experienced player you may misread a situation. So if you have to start afresh and if starting a day from scratch is unacceptable to you then you'll be happy to know that Pikmin 4 now has a Time Rewind feature that will allow you to revert to one of several game States prior to your unfortunate blunder or miscalculation. In a sense this does mean that Pikmin 4 has Auto saves.  However, rewind time doesn't fix the problem it just shortens your proximity to it.