Remnant 2 how to play R2, what difficulty should I play?

The long-awaited Remnant 2 (R2) is now available to play, and in this guide, we'll give you some useful beginner's advice to get a better understanding of the game. 

Let’s begin with the difficulty level, so which difficulty level should you play? The game offers you four different difficulty levels and they are:

Survivor difficulty: This level is intended for inexperienced players or those who prioritize the game's story. The game presents a reasonable challenge without overpowering players with difficult battles. The majority of players may use it as a reliable starting point.

Veteran difficulty: Players with experience should consider choosing the Veteran level. It offers players with more challenging enemies. In order to advance, players need to strategize and utilize their skills effectively.

Nightmare difficulty: As the name implies, Nightmare difficulty is incredibly difficult and should only be chosen by players who are used to play games like Souls. It has tough opponents and tight battle situations that need for exact timing and highly developed combat skills to overcome.

The last one is Apocalypse difficulty: You can unlock the Apocalypse difficulty after completing the game in any difficulty level. It is the hardest setting, and to succeed you must have the appropriate build and a thorough understanding of the game principles. Each difficulty level requires players to push themselves to the maximum and be ready for painful battles.

Remnant 2 has a difficulty level matched to your play style. It delivers a unique experience that lets players customize their gameplay to their skill level.

- How to collect Scrap quickly in Remnant 2? One of the best ways to farm Scrap is to smash every single thing that looks breakable because occasionally you'll come upon some scrap, and it's going to help you out massively because scrap is the main currency in the game. 

- If your long gun's ammo is getting low, switch to your handgun and start using that a little bit since ammo drops a bit more often for the gun you're not using. So long gun drops handgun ammo and the other way around. 

- Listen to audio clues when you are playing the R2. When special foes appear and when they die, a particular sound will be played. These unique opponents frequently drop useful goods. So when you can, kill them.

- Early on the game, you'll find things like Luminite Crystal and that's going to be really helpful for crafting mods and stuff for your weapons. 

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- Don't merely equip a piece of armor just because it has a better armor stat than another piece. In R2, Weight also matters. You will begin fat rolling if your Weight is too high. You don't want to be fat rolling since some of the game's bosses will require it, and if you aren't quick with your movement, certain bosses won't even give you a chance. Fat rolling will simply slow down your role completely. You have a higher chance of dying while fat rolling, respawning at the checkpoint outside the boss area, and having to go through the fog again to begin the boss fight all over again.

- How to pause in Remnant 2? Pausing is not possible in R2, even if you've set your game to offline. So instead what you can do is visit a World Stone or a checkpoint and rest in that menu as enemies won't be able to really attack you because it's typically classed as a safe area. There are benefits and drawbacks to using the World Stone or checkpoint because it will reset the enemies in the area. Another thing you may do is get rid of all the opponents in a specific region, after which you can just stand in a nearby corner without any problems.

- Next up we have exploration: Ensure that you are thoroughly exploring the area you are in. You never know what kind of stuff you can uncover. You can find tons of information, rings and etc… scattered everywhere. So make sure you are exploring.  Also make sure to double check everywhere because there can be areas that are still on the map but that you haven't actually explored. Therefore, as you visit different locations, your mini-map in the upper right will gradually turn white. Some areas will turn white even though you haven't been there, perhaps because you've visited a nearby area. So you should double check everything just to be safe because you never know what you might miss. On the minimap, seek for the yellow dots to locate chests that contain a lot of scrap, iron, and other items. They will only appear once you have gone past the chest. So basically just utilize the map and the mini map as much as you possibly can because all the resources you're going to find especially early on like Scrap and Iron are going to be useful.

- Our final advice is to focus your early trade points on Vigor health as it will be crucial early on in the game, especially when facing bosses because they do a lot of damage and can be challenging to defeat no matter the difficulty.