Things to know before playing Exoprimal? Getting started guide

If you're just beginning the Exoprimal or have already played it for a while, then in this article we'll share some useful advice / tips that should give you a decent head start.

First and arguably the most crucial piece of advice for Exoprimal is to keep playing because the game's lengthy tutorial and campaign basically forced at the player and you don't have access to the entire game or all of its game content unlocked at the start. You must keep playing the game to unlock more game modes, including dinosaurs and even neosaurs, boss battles, and cutscenes. These features enhance the experience significantly.

Don't hesitate to switch your exosuits and also you can duplicate them very easily. Besides, every exosuit is great for all situations. Fortunately, you can swap your exosuits anytime in combat or out of combat. In fact you should be doing this in case you want to get the best results. You can simply replicate your exosuits, so don't hesitate to switch them around. In addition, every exosuit works well in any circumstance. Fortunately, you can change out of or into a different exosuit at any time. In fact, if you want to achieve the finest results, you should be doing this.  Especially early on the missions and waves you receive are typically pretty straightforward and only require you to kill a few hundred Raptors, which isn't that difficult. For instance, these waves heavily favor you having a lot of assault exosuits to advance quickly, or you can have an area defense mission where using melee exosuits may not be the best strategy unless you want to annoy your teammates and frequently leave the Zone because it slows down your mission completion timer. So ranged exosuits are the best for those missions.

How To Play, Exoprimal, Getting Started Guide

May be switching can be your best option when the opposing team invades you with a Dominator. In all of my games, I discovered that switching to a tank Roadblock had the biggest difference because Dominators typically just destroy underprepared teams, but with competent tanks, you can really catch the invading player off guard and dispatch their dinosaur in no time. Therefore, don't be scared to experiment with various exosuits in different missions.

Our next piece of advice is about modules, and I feel this is quite important for new players. When you go to your exosuits you will find your modules or your talent tree where you can equip three different modules to boost your exosuit. The non-class specific General white modules are Universal and by purchasing them you will unlock them for all of your suits. so make sure to invest into three as soon as possible because they're not only cheap but they can also have easy boost such as 5 damage reduction or reload speed increase that will give you big advantage to certain characters. So don't be afraid to spend a bit of coins here. 

I've decided to add this tip based on my experience in games as many players still aren't accustomed to it but keep an eye on your objectives. As Leviathan assigns you new missions and the objective will pop up on top under the scoreboard and will explain what you need to complete. Always keep an eye on your objectives since the game wants you to miss them and will constantly getting in the way of your progress by sending hordes of tiny dinosaurs to distract you.


Is there a single player mode? No Exoprimal does not have a single player mode

How many players can play Exoprimal? There are two teams of five players each.