Atlas Fallen: how to play AF? Getting started tips

Atlas Fallen is a new action RPG video game from the developer Deck13 Interactive. In Atlas Fallen, there is a lot going on in terms of your Perks, Armor upgrades, Essence Stones, Fusions, and other similar things. This guide will show you how to begin the game in the best possible way, although it will take some initial exploring at the beginning of the game.

So first of all, make sure that you are using DirectX or DX12 to play the game since when I did not choose that option, the game froze, stuttered, and eventually crashed. But the game runs flawlessly on my PC with DX12.

When it comes to combat in this game, you have two options: attacking and defending. I strongly advise you to practice your timing because it will be crucial. The most helpful thing for you to have in battle is a defense mechanic or parry move called Sandskin, which crystallizes enemies and prevents you from taking damage. In AF, you have a momentum bar and the more attacks you make, the more momentum you build up, which will enhance both the damage you deal and the damage you take throughout a fight.

Also, there are numerous plants scattered around the game that you should search for whenever possible because they will be utilized to upgrade your Essence Stones along with Essence Dust, another useful material in the game. You can get Essence Dust by defeating enemies and completing quests. 

Essence Stones are added to your Momentum Bar. Once you unlock them, you'll earn benefits like increased defense and damage, and they'll activate once you reach that part of the bar.  So pay attention to how you prioritize your Essence Stones and their placement on the momentum bar. You should also be cautious with your momentum because the more momentum you have built up, the more damage you will take. In this game, you'll have six categories to the Essence Stones: Damage, Momentum, Survivability, Tricks, Healing, and Curse. In addition to these, the game includes a variety of other status effects, such as crystallized and slowed foes, as well as lowered damage and defense.

Then, as you advance a little further in the game, you'll start to encounter Anvils. These are used to save your game to upgrade your Gauntlets and as you advance further, you'll unlock features like fast travel. You're also going to get Perks, Armor upgrades and Momentum gauge upgrades. Later on they are going to let you unlock new slots using Essence dust. So that you can fit extra Essence Stones onto your Momentum bar. 

So make sure to explore every single area you visit because you never know when there might be a chest there that you'll need to raise. You can use your Gauntlet to raise some objects out of the ground in the game. There will sometimes be a blue glow around these objects or chests, and they may contain the power for Essence stone or even a new Idol that will alter how you heal in the game.

When it comes to Healing you have an Idol that charges up over time. As you are attacking enemies and stuff you get several charges with it but you get different Idols you can use. So one might let you heal when you take damage, one might let you take damage and like basically charge your Idol faster. So my advice for this game is to make sure you're exploring because you never know what you're going to miss.

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The Journey tab in the AF menu will be quite useful when you're playing the game. Particularly when it comes to the Fusion Material page, which will tell you where to find specific materials and which enemies will drop them, for instance, Lesser Wraiths will drop Coppery Ore. Also, if you select the Beast tab, it will display the precise loot tables for each race that you have previously encountered and killed. So the game gives you a preview of what to expect when you face up against particular foes.

As you advance in the game, you'll receive both your main and some side quests including little Errands that you can run for people that are going to give you a bunch of different rewards that you can use to upgrade your armor and stuff.

When you engage in combat with a tougher Wraith, such as the Diver, you will find various weak points on it. Destroying the red ones will kill the enemy, but destroying the yellow ones will increase your chances of getting loot from the enemies. So it's all about prioritizing whether you want to go straight for the kill whether you want to increase your chances of getting Loot.  

One lootable item in this game is Tributes and that is a currency that is going to be used when you go to the vendors. The vendors are going to sell you different things to help you out like new healing Idols. One of the best methods to farm Tributes easily in Atlas Fallen is to sell your artifacts when you find them. So that you get extra Tributes and if you're lucky when you're at a vendor some of the items might be on sale when you visit them. 

Finally, I just wanted to let you know that this game is very good at helping you understand it. I just wanted to give you a little more information based on the time I've spent playing so far. I'm going to mention that this is not a challenging game to get into; in fact, I'm playing on the medium difficulty level (there are also Easy, Normal, and Hard difficulty levels). I'm playing on normal, and so far, it hasn't been that challenging.