Best graphics settings to run Madden NFL 24 on high low PC

In this short tutorial we’ll show you the best in-game graphics settings to boost your FPS and run Madden NFL 24 smoothly on low-end or high-end PC.




Fullscreen Resolution - Native

Window Mode - Fullscreen

Frame Rate - No limit on FPS (depends on your monitor)

Vsync - On

Dynamic Resolution Scaling - Always Off

High Dynamic Range (HDR) - Autodetect

3D Gross - Always On

Advanced Hair - Always Off

Ambient Occlusion - Always On

Ambient Occlusion Quality - Low

Lens Flare - Always Off

Depth Fog - Always Off

Bloom - Always Off

Best Graphics Settings, Madden NFL 24, High-End, Low-End, PC Game

High Resolution DOF - Off

Mesh Quality - Medium

Texture Quality - High (Depends on the amount of VRAM on your GPU)

Shadow Quality - Low

Crowd Quality - Low