Can my phone run Pokemon Sleep? iOS, Android Specs

Pokémon Sleep is now available for download from the Google Play Store and the App Store. However, some people won’t be able to download and run this game on their Android or iOS pones due to device compatibility issues. If you are one of them, then in this guide, we'll show you how to download and play Pokémon Sleep even if your device isn't compatible with the version listed in the shop.

First, see if you can download Pokémon Sleep the usual way by clicking on these links: Pokemon Sleep for Android or Pokemon Sleep for iOS 


Next, make sure that your Android or iOS device meets the system specs:

The requirements that your smartphone must meet in order to play Pokémon Sleep are listed below:

- Android 7 or iOS 14 or a newer operating system is required.

- To put it simply, any iPhone older than 7 cannot run Pokémon Sleep.

- You need an internet connection.

- Connection to Pokémon GO Plus requires location data services.

- The game is not optimized for tablets and tends not to be used with them. 

- It may also have an impact on smartphones that can fold.

- It's possible that the game won't run on your device even though it meets all the requirements. Sadly, there is no additional information provided about this.

Can My Phone Run, Pokemon Sleep? iOS, Android, Specs

If you are unable to download the game from the official game stores due to compatibility issues, then you can try this link. It will take you to the APK for Android devices; the following guide will show you how to install the APK.

- To install the APK on your Android phone. Click on the green area below that says DOWNLOAD APK.

- You might receive a notification warning you against installing programs from unreliable sources. Specifically, this refers to the programs that you download via your browser.

- To allow the installation, you must allow the installation of apps via your browser in the security settings. As a rule, the message takes you directly to the right place when you click on it.

- The installation should now proceed and be finished shortly. Simply start Pokémon Sleep and follow the instructions.

Now, if you don't want to download apps from outside the official store, then you must wait for updates and cross your fingers that your device will be compatible soon.