Fortnite Survivor Medals: how it works? Rank up guide

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 is finally available to play and there's a new set of challenges or tab in the quest page titled Survivor Medals.


Now, these set of challenges are literally just surviving a certain amount of time but in that amount of time getting a certain amount of kills and this gets much more difficult as you progress in the Survivor Medals quests.


The message is clear your best allies will be endurance and strategy. To receive a Survivor Medal, you must survive to the very end. These medals are challenging to obtain. You must complete a survivor quest in Battle Royale or Zero Build modes. You must complete these challenges by killing a specific number of enemies in addition to outlasting a certain number of opponents.

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Medal Levels


The system is made up of seven medals rarities, with each one offering ten distinct upgrades:










Each level reached is an opportunity to unlock rewards. For example, with the Common Medal 1, you get the Llama Trophy Back Bling. The upper tiers of other rarity levels reveal additional styles for this Llama Trophy.


How do you level up in Fortnite Survivor Medals?


This is where strategy comes in. Each game will be an opportunity to improve your rank.


Avoid crowded areas: fewer opponents, less chance of being eliminated early.

Choose your battles: only engage in battle if you are sure you can win.

Optimize your equipment: quality weapons and a good supply of materials can make all the difference.