Immortals of Aveum: how Green, Red and Blue Magic work in IoA?

Immortals of Aveum (IoA) is a single player FPS magic shooter from the developer Ascendant Studios. In IoA, you’ll find three types of magic or spell guns / strikes: Green, Red and Blue.


How Green magic works in Immortals of Aveum?

Your Green magic strikes are the rapid fire focus on the bunch, best suited for mid to close range. The three variants that green strikes come in are: Stormshards, Maelstrom and Seekershards.


Stormshards have a fair rate of fire but poor precision. Therefore, you're going to have to get really close with this one.


Maelstrom typically has a larger magazine or whatever you load into your hand and shoots faster than that with a narrower spread. Maelstrom's drawback is that it significantly slows down your movement speed when shooting. It's good to pair this with your mid-air hover ability though since that completely negates that movement penalty like you would have on the ground. By the way, holding out your shield has a similar effect on slowing down your movement, although hover can fix that as well. So a solid combo with Maelstrom is to constantly hover while unloading your green juice with your shield raised.


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In the green magic skill tree, there's also an ability that lets you gain health back whenever that Shield takes damage


Seekershards is going to fire slower larger projectiles but these will automatically home into nearby Targets. If raw aim skill isn't your thing or you just want easier targeting Seekershards is a solid all-around option.


How Red magic works in Immortals of Aveum?

Now, your Red magic strikes which will be either short range shotgun like blasts or an explosive grenade type effect depending on the variant you're using. You'll find Red strikes that come in Breachfire, Fragfire and Burstfire.


Breachfire will launch out a short-range circular blast that cones inward to its center point.


Fragfire is very similar but with a much larger blast radius. Downside is you'll need to reload it more often.


Burstfire sends out a small volatile projectile that damages anything in an area of effect around it.


There's going to be different stats and modifiers for each of these strikes you get, most noticeably here with Burstfire depending on which one you're using can change the range in which the explosive can travel.


By the way, in the Red magic skill tree, there's a really useful unlock that lets you punch to destroy most all Shields.


How Blue magic works in Immortals of Aveum?

The last strike type is Blue Magic based being your most precise option if you shoot it right. Blue strike variants come in Shrikebolts, Arclight and Javelin.


Shrikebolt shoots quick accurate shots but the faster you smash that fire button the less accurate


Arclight is going to shoot larger more powerful bolts but with less total charges before you need to reload that hand. With this you can really see the downside to spamming the button too fast and instead try to pace them out until your crosshair realigns to the center.


Javelin is going to do these little blasts if you tap the button but if you hold it, it'll zoom in and charge up its sniper shot.


A lot of useful stuff in the Blue magic skill tree but this ability lets you run at full speed with your shield raised, it's pretty good.