Waven: how to reroll, delete and remake a character?

Waven is a brand new game from the developers of other games you may know such as Dofus or Wakfu. It is a turn-based tactical RPG that takes place in a flooded world where only a few Islands have survived the rising waters. With the dawn of a new era choose your character, sail the sea and battle a Castle Creatures, acquire stronger gear, refine your strategy and uncover the secrets that led to this recent Calamity. A lot of your gameplay will be going from Island to Island, challenging the monsters, accomplishing daily tasks and taking care of the dungeons on that island.

In Waven, you will create your first character with which you will level up and collect items. If these don't suit you, or if you want to change or reroll classes, you may want to delete a character and create a new one. If so, in this guide, we’ll show you how to do it?

The character selection screen is where you should start if you want to delete a character in Waven. All of your characters are listed here, along with their level, equipment, and skills.


Click on the icon, which is typically in the lower left corner of your screen. The options to create a new character or delete the current one will show up after clicking on your character.


Before making the final choice to delete, it is crucial to understand the consequences.


Waven, How To Reroll, Delete, Remake, Character

Early rewards from your BattlePass Platinum, in particular cosmetic items, are still connected to your account. You won't have to start your BattlePass progress over from scratch if you opt to create a new character. Your rewards are already there and available to use.


Just like cosmetic items, your gear, Kamas, runes, and other items are also connected to your account, not a specific character. So you can find them even if you decide to create a new character.


In Waven, reroll or deleting a character is a considered choice that can have several reasons. Fortunately, the process is simple and straightforward. And the good news is that your valuable rewards and items stay safe with your account.