Best Graphics Settings to run Counter Strike 2 CS2 high low PC

In this quick guide, we’ll share the best in-game graphics settings to run Counter Strike 2 CS2 smoothly on low-end or high-end PC.

Video Settings

Resolution - Native

Display mode - Fullscreen

Refresh Rate - (depends on your monitor so make sure that the refresh rate matches your monitor)

Laptop Power Saving - Disabled 

Advanced Video Settings

Boost Player Contrast - Enabled 

Wait For Vertical Sync - Disabled 

Multisampling Anti-Aliasing Mode - None

Best Graphics Settings, Counter Strike 2, CS2, High-End PC, Low-End PC

Global Shadow Quality - Low

Model Texture Detail - Very High (depends on the amount of Vram on your system)  

Texture Filtering Mode - Anisotropic 16x (depends on the amount of Vram on your system)     

Shader Detail - Low

Particle Detail - Low

Ambient Occlusion - Disabled 

High Dynamic Range - Performance 

FidelityFX Super Resolution - Disabled (Highest Quality)

NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency - Enabled 

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