FC 24: how Evolutions Upgrade work? Requirements

Evolutions is a new mode introduced in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team where you can upgrade players by completing objectives, but they must meet the following requirements defined by EA:

With the Welcome to Evolutions you need to have a player that is maximum 80 Overall rating, maximum 90 Pace and maximum 80 Defending. 

Golden Glow Up (Pt.I) player requirements

Overall: Max 64

Pace: Max 75

Shooting: Max 65

Position: CM

Dribbling: Max 70

Defending: Max 65

Physical: Max 73

Golden Glow Up (Pt.II) player requirements:

Rarity: Evolutions  

Overall: Max 80

Pace: Max 80

Shooting: Max 81

Position: CM

Dribbling: Max 86

Defending: Max 80

Relentless Winger player requirements:

Overall: Max 79

Pace: Max 91

Shooting: Max 79

Position: LW

Total Positions: Max 3  

Dribbling: Max 82

Physical: Max 79

Founders Evolution:

Overall: Max 83

Physical: Max 85

Position: ST

Dribbling: Max 83

Pace: Max 91

Rarity: Rare 

Overall: Min 75


You can use and upgrade any player you find who satisfies those requirements. The amount that the player is going to be upgrading has already been decided by EA.

FC 24, How, Evolutions, Upgrade Requirements

We do have FUT GG and FUTWIZ right now. These will provide recommendations for the top players in accordance with the requirements set by EA. They are therefore really useful tools, and although we obviously have lower-rated cards at the beginning of the game, the criteria will be tightening over the course of the year. Therefore, it's possible that we'll be able to upgrade Ronaldo and other higher-rated cards in the future.

You should be aware that the player you select is obviously something you must have. This means that to use the card, you must have packed him or purchased him on the transfer market. After that, the card will no longer be transferable. It will convert into the Evolutions card, which you will use for objectives and which is unavoidably non-tradable. You cannot even utilize it in SBCs or discard it; you cannot even list it on the transfer market. 

When you have finished all of the objectives and have obtained the final version, you can submit it in SBCs but it will still be impossible to trade.

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