GUTS Songs: Olivia Rodrigo releases a new album

This Friday, August 8th, one of today's biggest pop stars, Olivia Rodrigo, released her second studio album, "GUTS". The latest album from the Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter features 12 new songs including the most popular single, "Vampire."

The deluxe edition of the album includes four additional songs for fans: "Obsessed," "Scared of My Guitar," "Stranger," and "Girl I've Always Been." In an interview for the newspaper "The New York Times", Olivia discussed the change in sound, she stated that she "always loved rock music, and would be "using rock music, however, they are not trying to duplicate a style of rock music that others make.

Proof of this is the second single from "GUTS", the "Bad Idea Right?" The track is a true tribute to the best of alternative rock, produced in the 90s.

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All GUTS Songs / Tracklist:

1. All-American b**ch

2. Bad idea right?

3. Vampire

4. Lacy

5. Ballad of a homeschooled girl

6. Making the bed

7. Logical

8. Get him back!

9. Love is embarrassing

10. The grudge

11. Pretty isn't pretty

12. Teenage dream