Lies of P: how P-Organ and Legion Arm work in LOP?

Lies of P (LOP) is the latest souls-like game offers a unique experience that is still similar to that of other games in the genre.

How does the P-Organ works and how to use it in Lies of P?  Lies of P offers you several ways to upgrade yourself (Pinocchio), you can level up, upgrade weapons, assemble weapons, use the legion arm, and acquire power through the P-Organ. The latter is a type of skill tree that will grant you fantastic abilities at the expense of an extremely rare resource called Quartz.

How to gain powers in Organ-P? Each P-Organ power is divided into a Phase. You must unlock sufficient powers from the current phases before you move to the next phase. You must have two powers unlocked from Phase 1 in order to advance to Phase 2 of the game. By spending Quartz to fill the small circles around the powers, you can unlock powers and you needed to spend 2 Quartz to activate the Linked Dodge power.

You can acquire a passive that you chose by spending Quartz. In terms of power, the passive will be proportional to the power phase. Passives can include offensive, defense, utility, and operation / movement. The further you go through the phases, the more powerful they become.

How to earn Quartz in Lies of P? Quartz can be earned from defeating enemy bosses. Because of its rarity, you must be careful with how you use this resource.

How does the Legion Arm Works in Lies of P? At the beginning of game, it is not clear from the choices given that you have an option that can use magic or other spellcaster resource. This is because it is difficult in Lies of P to build purely around spellcasting.

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The magical power of your Legion Arm will change depending on the style of arm you have, ranging from an arm that allows you to have a Powerful Fist to a Freeshooter, Flamethrower, Electric Shock, or even Wire Action.

To increase the damage done, you must invest points in the Progress statistic. Besides, the Arm has an energy bar that decreases with each use, which increases in size with the Progress and Capacity stats.

But we find some issues:

Damage Arms are found later in the game

Their range is very limited

The arm bar decreases quickly

You are generally very vulnerable while using the Arm

Certain arms synergize more with other stats than Progression or Ability.

These different issues make playing only around the Arm complicated. You can try, but only after getting at least the Flamethrower Arm. 

To conclude, use of magical power is possible in Lies of P, but still requires you to master the use of weapons for parrying and dodging at a minimum.

Here is a list of all Legion Arms in Lies of P, we'll also explain how each Arm works with each Build.

Left Arm of Steel (Basic or Default arm)

This arm's ability to grip opponents is pretty straightforward. There isn't much to say about this choice; if you want a challenge, keep it in the game longer, but otherwise, change it whenever you can.

Puppet String

This arm is the first upgrade get. This arm is an excellent addition to a full melee Technical build because it will make navigating the battlefield simple. It's a fantastic choice when facing Rangers, whose animations may be stopped with a Wire shot. This arm can still be regarded useful even though it has a Mobility build and isn't particularly strong.


The first magical weapon you will add to your armory is called Fulminis. Even while it isn't the most effective, it does give a lot of versatility in addition to being quite efficient against machines. Due to its low range, it is challenging to employ, but it works well in a mixed Mobility and Progression build to swiftly increase opponents' vulnerability.


After defeating Fuoco, the King's Flame, you can start building Flamberge. The first arm with a true game option with Progression is this one. If you've already spent the points necessary to start a build centered around the Legion Arm—possibly even an exclusive build—this arm is extremely powerful, though it might be challenging. It is a far superior option than the Fulminis arm due to its extended range.

Deus Ex Machina

For a 100% Mobility option, this arm is the top pick. Although it is one of the heaviest weapons and deals the most damage, it is also one of the most restrictive weapons to use, requiring enemies to walk through minefields in order to be damaged, hence it requires you to have some Mobility points invested. This is a smart choice if you already have a basic Mobility build.


The second option, Pandemonium, works very well with the Progression ability, although it will still be more helpful for dealing with machines by doing extremely powerful corrosion damage. You can use a weapon with high progression multipliers to do significant damage once the Corrosion effect has been applied.


For all builds—aside from Progression builds—Aegis is a highly intriguing choice to take into account. This Arm won't be your primary source of damage, but once a little upgrade, it gives you some really intriguing defensive and mobility possibilities. If you don't know what to do with your arm, this is the most adaptable choice and it also lets you add blocking options. Be careful, that arm is quite heavy.

Falcon Eyes

The last option for a Technical build, which mostly fires bullets at enemies besides, ammunition, can penetrate armor. With all the mobility provided by the arm, this one might end up being the major damage producer in a technical build. However, you will need to earn enough to recharge your arm.