One More Time songs, complete blink-182 new album tracks

"One More Time...", the newest album from Blink -182, will be out on October 20th. The Californian trio revealed the news with a roughly 4-minute trailer, in which the members reflect on the past while also discussing this new phase, including Tom DeLonge's return, with excerpts from an interview with presenter Zane Lowe as well as images with relaxed moments from the band.

The trailer also features a preview of the songs such as the background title track, which will be released on digital platforms this Thursday (21), and according to the trio themselves, it was inspired by a message about how the events between the three, such as, for example, Travis Barker's plane tragedy and Mark Hoppus' cancer diagnosis, isn't the only reason they decided to get back together. 

See the trailer and tracklist below:

One More Time Tracklist

01. "Anthem Part 3"

02. "Dance With Me"

03. "Fell In Love"

04. "Terrified"

05. "One More Time"

06. "More Than You Know"

07. "Turn This Off!"

08. "When We Were Young"

09. "Edging"

10. "You Don't Know What You've Got"

11. "Blink Wave"

12. "Bad News"

13. "Hurt (Interlude)"

14. "Turpentine"

15. "F**k Face"

16. "Other Side"

17. "Childhood"