Starfield: essential things to buy and keep

In this guide, we'll show you what items or things you should get or buy and keep in Starfield. 


Since I like to obtain my loot from exploration and random drops rather than purchasing it, I now tend to ignore vendors. However, there are several things in Starfield that you absolutely must have.


- Purchase a larger ship first. Although your default ship is excellent, it is only capable of carrying two people and has a little amount of cargo.  Level up your piloting as quickly as you can and then buy something more resilient with more cargo like Marathon first and then add more crew and other fancies when your budget permits. You can also upgrade your ship parts although this gets involved with the Starship design skill that has sort of wasted points if you're okay with the basics.


- Next, buy Digipicks and Med Packs from every vendor you visit you'll be using both of these very often


- Also, you might want to buy Wine if you come across it because it offers you an added percentage of persuasion, which can be a nice and quick boost when you need it.


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- I would also buy a suit from any vendor who sells them right away. There's one on Neon as that makes you a walking charmer.


- One more thing is that if you keep track of the resources you need for research and mods, you might find them in stores rather than having to make them or scavenging them. For instance, Aluminum is readily available from numerous stores throughout the Galaxy and appears to be required for the construction of many outposts.