Wayfinder: getting started tips, early access guide

New multiplayer action RPG Wayfinder has several characters, explorable dungeons, boss battles, and the ability to make weapons. In this tutorial, we'll give you as many tips as we can on how to kill some of the bosses, do more damage, and find better stuff.

At the beginning of the game, you’ll have the option to pick characters, including Wingrave, who can help his team tank, deal damage with his sword and shield, and even heal himself.

Silo who excels at ranged combat and using his multiple different gadgets to deal with the enemies.

Niss an assassin-like character, wielding the Slicer and Dicer Daggers.

I suggest trying all three characters in the tutorial to see which one you find most enjoyable. You can unlock any of the characters in the game for free just by playing.

As you progress through Wayfinder, you'll be able to unlock several characters such as Senja, Kairos or even Venomess. Every Wayfinder can be customized with different dye sets and other cosmetic options. 

The Affinity system allows you to further customize your Wayfinder by enhancing various stats and unlocking powerful passives that can completely change the way you play. 

You can choose which ability you want to unlock first and then decide if you want to invest in them further to obtain other perks.

You can even work towards Mastery of different weapons, unlocking further choices to perfect your character and play the way you want. You can even furnish your own home, putting in Boss trophies that can provide you permanent bonuses or just give you a place to hang out with your Wayfinder.

Each of your characters has different strengths and weaknesses, and you may power them up and switch between them. Even changing the sort of weapon you use might help you create a completely new play style.

Niss may be lethal with daggers but there's nothing stopping you from equipping a great ax and using that instead.

Wayfinder, Getting Started Tips, Early Access, Guide

In Wayfinder, you are free to select your own playing style. Whether you choose to play single and slash through opponents on your own, or perhaps team up with others and take on some of the powerful dungeon bosses that are present.

Wayfinder offers a wide range of activities, from participating in Expeditions and finding unique loot to bumping into other players and saving them from bears to making new friends while participating in world events.

In Wayfinder, every character has their own unique abilities and passives but every character can enjoy Echoes and Relics to power up their build.

There are craftable relics and ones you can find from defeating enemies with different stats as well as potential set bonuses.

As you level up, the capacity of the Echo slots in your gear increases, allowing you to add the most powerful Echoes you come across. Some of these Echoes will increase your weapon power or crit chance, while others can give you access to an extremely powerful passive.

Every Wayfinder has a starter weapon and there's even some you can buy, with each weapon having its own strengths and weaknesses as well as active ability. 

Dungeons can be played normally but you can also select an imbuement that will give it a special effect as well as impact some of the drops that you may find.

Killing opponents may leave behind explosives that cause harm or the monsters could be imbued with powerful fire attacks. Nevertheless, no matter whatever option you choose, each expedition will be unique due to the procedurally generated enemies, dungeon layouts and puzzles will keep you on your toes. 

Make sure to visit Venge in Market Row before entering the dungeons. Crafting elixirs is crucial in Wayfinder since they give you experience bonuses and stat boosts that will help you defeat those bosses.