AC Mirage: Ancient Place, Nеhаl Calling Clues, Shard locations

As in previous Assassin's Creed games, in AC Mirage, you will be able to complete quests on behalf of several characters that you will encounter during your adventure and Nеhаl is one them. She will ask you to complete a quest called The Calling. In order to complete this you’ll have to find 10 Shards and the Ancient Place.

To locate the Ancient Place that Nahel mentioned. You must go to the Northern Oasis, which is located in the wilderness close to the city of Anbar, You can find equipment within that is shielded by energy barriers and you must use shards to access it.

Here is the Ancient Place location map:

Ancient Place, Location Map, Assassin's Creed Mirage, AC Mirage,  Nеhаl, Calling, Shard Locations

Now, before you go to the Ancient Place you have to collect 10 shards located in Baghdad and the surrounding areas. 

After collecting shards, you will be able to go to the underwater cave located at the Northern Oasis near the city of Anbar in the wilderness. Inside, you will be able to find equipment protected by energy barriers and you must use shards to obtain them.

By using 2 shards, you will have the legendary dagger The Samsaama. You can exchange 3 shards to have the legendary sword Shamshir-e Zomorrodnegar. As for the last piece of equipment which is the legendary outfit Milad's Outfit, you will have to use 5 shards.

Mysterious Shard Locations:

Harbiyah - In this area, you will be able to find two mysterious shards. You need to go to the locations where Basim is located to find the NPC carrying them

Abbasiyah - Abbasiyah like the Harbiyah district contains two mysterious shards. As always, go to the locations and find the NPC.

Round City - In the Round City part of Badgad, you will be able to find two mysterious shards. 

Karkh - Again, two shards can be collected.

Wilderness - The last two shards can be found on NPCs in the wilderness. The first generally walks on the road leading to Anbar or directly in the city, while the second is found around the village of Jarjaraya.

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