Best graphics settings to run Cities Skylines 2 on PC

The long-awaited is over! If you are a fan of city building and management, Cities: Skylines II, the sequel to one of the most popular city building games is finally available to play on PC. Cities: Skylines 2 is developed by Colossal Order and published by Paradox Interactive. It is the sequel to Cities: Skylines, and expands on many simulation factors such as simulated city and population size, and improved traffic AI and management schemes.

In this optimization guide, we’ll share the best in-game graphics settings to run Cities: Skylines 2 smoothly on low-end and high-end.

Graphics settings

Screen Resolution - Native

Display Mode - Fullscreen

VSync - On

Depth of Filed Mode - Disabled 

Global Graphics Quality - Custom

Best Graphics Settings, Cities Skylines 2, PC

Dynamic Resolution Scale Quality - Disabled

Anti-aliasing Quality - FXAA

Cloud Quality Settings - Low

Fog Quality Settings - Disabled 

Volumetric Quality Settings - Disabled 

Ambient Occlusion Quality - Low

Global Illumination Quality - Custom (in the advanced settings make sure to change the Ray Steps to lowest figure 16) 

Reflections Quality - Low

Depth of Filed Quality - Disabled

Motion Blur - Disabled

Shadow Quality - Low

Terrain Quality Settings - Medium

Water Quality Settings - Medium

Level of Detail - Medium

Animation Quality - Medium

Texture Quality Settings - High (depends on your V-ram)

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