Best graphics settings to run The Finals on high low PC

The Finals is a brand-new shooter video game in the Arena genre with a twist: the entire map is destructible, adding an entirely new degree of unpredictability to the gameplay. It's one of those games that appears to have surpassed some of the best games released this year, even though it's still in beta and hasn't even been released in full, which says a lot about how great this game is going to be once that final version is released.

In this optimization guide, we’ll share you the best in-game graphics settings to run The Finals smoothly on high-end or low-end PC.

Video Settings

Window Mode - Fullscreen

Resolution - Native

Nvidia DLSS Frame Generation - Disabled 

VSYNC - Disabled

Nvidia Reflex Low Latency - On

Resolution Scaling Method - Nvidia DLSS or AMD FSR2 (depend on your graphics card)

Nvidia DLSS - Quality 

Best Graphics Settings, The Finals, High-End, Low-End, PC

Graphics Settings

Field Of View - 72

Motion Blur - Disabled

Lens Distortion - Disabled

Ray Tracing

Nvidia RTX Global Illumination - Static


Overall Quality Level - Custom

View Distance - High

Anti-Aliasing - Low

Shadows - Low

Post Processing - Low

Texture - Epic

Effects - Low

Foliage - Low

Global Illumination Resolution - Low

Of course, these settings could vary based on your PC specs and operating system. As The Finals is only accessible in open beta at the moment, it's obvious that the game will be more optimized when it launches than it is at the moment.

Embark Studios has yet to announce a release date for The Finals, so we will not know for sure when all versions of the game will launch simultaneously. The Finals is a very promising first-person shooter that is scheduled for PC, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PS5. While waiting for further information, we would like to remind you that The Finals is a very promising first-person shooter that will be available for free.