Cyberpunk 2077 0.2 Phantom Liberty: how new skill tree works?

In this article, we share some useful tips on how the new skill tree system works in the latest Cyberpunk 2077 update 0.2 and Phantom Liberty.

Now, with the latest version 2.0 update the skill tree has completely changed and revamped all of the perks in the skill tree. So all of your perk points will have reset and you'll have to reassign them if you go back to an old save.

Now, this is how the new skill tree system works: 

Now, you have four levels you have Rookie, you have Pro, Phenom and Legend. To get to Rookie you need 1 attribute point, 9 points for Pro, 15 points for Phenom and 20 attribute points within that specific tree for Legend.

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To show you what this looks like in my Reflexes tree I'm heading towards Phenom. Now, the main skill nodes in each tree are what you should be most concerned with. These would enable all of the various passives that you can acquire as you progress through the game. So, for instance, in Reflexes, I began with Slippery, which increases dashing, dodging, sliding, sprinting, and vulting. Also, as your speed increases it makes harder for foes to fire you. When this is unlocked, you can move right into the next tree, where you'll get the Dash for two more points, and eventually you'll be in Lead and Steel and then go up further.

Of course, there are significant differences between each tree. The main focus of Body is on specialized blunt and heavy weapons like shotguns, LMGs, and heavy machine guns, as well as going with Adrenaline Rush.

Reflexes is about Dodging, staying alive and also using things such as assault rifles, SMGs but also blades. 

Technical Ability is down to Cyberware and also you being able to use throwables and also Tech weapons.

Cool is to do with knives, throwable weapons and stealth related stuff, also revolvers and sniper riffles. 

Intelligence is to do with the quick hacks. 

As you progress through the game you accumulate attribute points. As you level up, you enter these attribute points into the system to reach the necessary thresholds, after which you can choose the perks you desire. You will occasionally receive one perk point, two perk points, and one or two attribute points per level as well.

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