Endless Dungeon: upgrade Wit, repair Turret guide

Endless Dungeon is a video game combining real-time strategy, action, tower defense and rogue-like. It is a successor to Dungeon of the Endless released in 2014.


Endless Dungeon is currently available to play on multiple platforms, including Windows, macOS, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Switch.


In this article, we’ll share the importance of Wit and also show you how to increase or repair Turret in Endless Dungeon.


Despite the vast array of mechanics in Endless Dungeon, Wit, the hero stat continues to be the most intriguing one. In Endless Dungeon, Wit controls how fast your hero can upgrade or fix turrets. The higher it is, the faster your hero can perform these actions.


Endless Dungeon, Upgrade Guide, Wit, Repair Turret

You can only upgrade your Turrets in Endless Dungeon by using your melee skill. To increase your Turrets, move closer and deal a melee attack. When this action is used, the Turret's damage and fire rate will both improve by 2% per Wit point for the next eight seconds. For instance, your character's damage and fire rate will both increase by 20% if your character has 10 Wit. It is important to remember that the rate of fire has a limit, and anything over that point will result in more damage overall.


You must obtain tokens that will improve your overall Wit in order to raise your Wit stat in Endless Dungeon. To access your character's upgrade options, go to the Armorer NPC in the Saloon lobby. To use the Cells to increase your Wit stat, pick a hero and a chip. These Cells are obtained via opening different chests as the game progresses.


In order to upgrade your Wit stat in Endless Dungeon, you must obtain tokens that will boost your total Wit. To access your character's upgrade menu, head to the Armorer NPC located in the Saloon lobby. Using the Cells, pick a hero and a chip to improve your Wit stat. You can obtain these Cells by opening different chests during your game progresses.