Lords of the Fallen: how to respec or reset your stats in LotF?

In Lords of the Fallen (LotF) 2023, you'll want to make a change and decide that you no longer desire to wield a sword but rather some magic, such as Umbral, Radiant, or Rhogar.

Now, if you want to respec or reset your stat points, you must find or buy the Rebirth Chrysalis in LotF. They are incredibly rare and you can buy one Rebirth Chrysalis from Molhu at Skyrest Bridge for 8000 Vigor or one from Winterberry in the Revelation Depths for 8000 Vigor. The Umbral Shrine at the back of the same area also sells infinite number of Rebirth Chrysalis. But be aware that doing so comes at a high price; in addition to having to unlock the second tier of vendor items, you also have to spend 75 eyeballs every purchase, which equates to a ton of Red Lantern farming.

Lords of the Fallen, LotF, 2023, How To, Respec, Reset your stats in LotF?

So Rebirth Chrysalis are extremely rare and should only be used if you are confident that a change needs to be made.

To use Rebirth Chrysalis in LotF simply talk to Pieta and she'll give you the option to reset your stats. 

Remember that the beginning class you selected here does matter; if you selected the Condemned you'll reset back the flat stats across the board, but if you selected any other class, your stats will reset back to their default distribution. For this reason, it is important to select the right class at the beginning of the game.

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