Monster Hunter Now: which MHN weapon suits your playstyle?

In Monster Hunter Now (MHN or MH Now), you can customize your character by changing not only his appearance but also his gear to make hunting much easier. In this article, we will give you the best weapon for your style of play as well as a general tier list.

There isn't really a best weapon in the game since the majority of equipment can be crafted and each monster has unique strengths and weaknesses. Consequently, depending on the type of monster you'll be fighting, some weapons will be far more effective than others. Here are various tier lists to assist you in deciding which weapon to use based on your playstyle.

If you want to know which weapons make your hunting easier, here is the ranking.

Tier S: Sword and Shield and Light Bowgun

Tier A: Great sword and Long sword

Tier B: Hammer and Bow

Best weapons to deal maximum damage in MH NOW: If your main goal is to do the most damage possible without worrying about mobility or dodging opponents, we advise choosing either the Great sword or the Hammer. These are unquestionably the best and most powerful weapons in the game.

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Best combo weapons in MH NOW: We suggest using the Sword and Shield or the Long Sword in battle as they are both relatively fast and powerful weapons that allow you to chain combos quickly to destroy enemies.

Best weapons for dealing elemental damage in MH NOW: If you are aiming to do powerful elemental damage or inflict status effects on your enemies, well, we recommend the following 4 weapons:

The Sword and Shield

The Light Bow gun

The Arch

The hammer

Best weapons for breaking specific parts / limbs in MH NOW: In MH Now, if you are primarily after the resources that monsters drop after breaking their limbs or parts, we encourage you to arm yourself with the Light Bow gun or the Bow, which are unquestionably the most effective weapons in this area.