Nightingale battle tactics: guide to hunt bosses in Alan Wake 2

Robert Nightingale is one of the bosses that you’ll encounter during your progress in the Alan Wake game series. Just like in the previous game, you will come across a lot of bosses in Alan Wake 2 (AW2) and one of them is Nightingale. He is an antagonist in both of the Alan Wake games. In this article, we'll give you a little introduction to him and show you the best tactics to defeat him in Chapter 1.

In case you haven't played the first Alan Wake game, Robert Nightingale is a former FBI agent who was fired by the organization because of his alcoholism problems following the death of his teammate. During the first installment, he serves as an adversary and strives to kill Alan Wake in order to stop him in any way possible.

At the end of the previous game, Nightingale is seen looking at Rose Marigold behind a window. Nightingale gives her a chilly, gloomy stare without saying anything, raising the potential that he would take on the role of the new dark avatar. However, at the beginning of the second game, we learn of his dire fate that awaited him following the events of the first game.

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How to defeat Nightingale in AW2? During the battle in the initial section of the map use the flashlight to break Nightingale's defenses and expose his Source point (red part of his chest), which is his weak point. Focus your shots to deal maximum damage. After the first stage of the Nightingale battle is over and the jump scare shows on the screen. Run to every crates and seize all of the ammo and loot inside. 

In the second stage of the fight, Nightingale will be even more aggressive so do the same thing as you did in the first. However, in order to escape his attacks and minimize your damage, you must pay close attention to his movements. Once you've dealt enough damage to this opponent, he will begin another attack, forcing you to flee to the final battle zone. Repeat the first two steps to defeat him.

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