Spider Man 2 (SM 2) PS5 new combat system guide 2023

In this article, we’ll explain how the new combat system works in Spider Man 2 (SM 2) 2023.  

Combat has undergone a significant overhaul in SM 2, regardless of the character you choose to play. By pressing L1, Peter Parker and Miles Morales can now parry attacks. In the event that you push the button too soon, you will block instead and reduce the damage you would have taken. However, if you hit the button just when the warning light over your head turns red, you will avoid getting hit, be able to block an opposing attack, and land a strong counter-punch.

So this gives you a different strategy to cope with melee opponents as perries are ineffective against ranged attacks. You can still wait for the warning indicator to become red to execute a flawless dodge that will cause an attacker to become temporarily stunned. However, these parries are completely novel, and you even have to parry some special melee attacks that are indicated by the yellow icon. Since these strikes typically cover a large area, it is impossible to avoid them. Another approach is to jump over them if you are not sure whether you can get the parry timing right.

In order to add even more excitement to combat, some attacks have a blue indicator next to them, meaning that dodging is your sole chance to avoid taking damage. So, be sure to watch out for these special attacks and respond with the appropriate counter moves.

While there has been a significant overhaul to some gameplay features in SM 2, the classic Focus bars that you build up with Combos and can then spend on self-healing or takedowns are still present.

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Some of your basic moves, such as Swing Kicks and Air Launches, are also back. However, as I mentioned before, there are also some significant modifications. The gadget system has been significantly simplified in comparison to the original Spider-Man. You no longer have a gadget wheel and you don't need to as there are only four gadgets to unlock. These are then accessed by holding R1 and pressing one of the face buttons, which makes using them much easier during combat. 

Even though you have fewer gadgets now, you can still upgrade them, and the new abilities provide you a ton of options during combat. Technically, Miles already had these during the game. Peter now possesses a number of unique abilities that are extremely potent but require recharging after use.

What's new for both Peter and Miles is that each ability slot now has multiple abilities that you can swap between. So Miles can swap between his regular Venom and his electric blue attacks or use a combination of both and the same is true for Peter who can use his spider arms Symbiote powers or a combo of the two.

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