Best P90 MW3 Zombies Loadout: attachments and meta build

Finding the best MW3 Zombies P90 Loadout is essential to become proficient with and getting the most out of this SMG.

This weapon is quite special because, although it is an SMG, when it pack-a-punch, it can function like an LMG and have the same amount of ammunition, but it is still highly portable and mobile. This P90 can Pack-A-Punch up to 400 bullets in a single magazine, and with a maximum ammunition capacity of 800 bullets, you may utilize them all in just two clips. Now, thanks to its enormous ammo capacity, you will never have to reload, making it the Ultimate Weapon to use against hordes of zombies.

The P90's drawback in MW3 Zombies is that it's not the strongest weapon available in the game, but its ammo count makes up for it, allowing you to continuously blast zombies until you eventually kill them without having to reload.

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When you pair this with Elemental Pop, Speed Cola, and Deadshot Daiquiri, you'll have amazing power against the bosses and zombie hordes.

The ideal use case for this weapon is against Orcus Boss. Now, I believe in this boss fight every single weapon is set to provide the same amount of damage no matter what weapon you use but because you have so much ammo in a single clip, you can concentrate on the opponent's weak points without ever having to reload.

Meta Build for P90 in MW3 Zombies

The first attachment we're going to put on is a barrel that being the FTAC Series IX 14.5 in barrel. For muzzle we're going to put on the Bruen Pendulum. The laser we're going to put on the ACU shot 5mw. Optic we're going to put on the Cronen Mini Pro and for stock we're going to put on the Hollow Extended stock.

This weapon becomes an absolute monster in Zombies thanks to all of these attachments, which also reduce recoil and extend the weapon's damage range.

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