Best RGL 80, Ray Gun MW3 Zombies Loadout: attachments and build

While there aren't many new weapons in Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ or MW3), this is the first time that MW2's weapon selection has been made available in Zombies, along with a few brand-new weapons that are exclusive to MW3.

RGL 80

This is the only launcher that you’ll find in Modern Warfare 3. You have undoubtedly already seen and heard of this, but in Zombies mode, this weapon is an absolute beast. This weapon is so effective that it will completely destroy everything in the high threat zone with just a double Pack-a-Punch.

Using this explosive weapon in combination with PhD Flopper will maximize its effectiveness. I don't think many other weapons can match the RGL 80's destructiveness when it comes to crowd control.

Unfortunately, because you have to use the explosive grenades directly to provide the most damage, the RGL 80 isn't as effective at eliminating Elite bosses. Nonetheless, there is no better weapon than this if you find yourself in a crowded scenario and you're about to go down. In addition to its amazing damage, this weapon has a secret extra bonus feature that makes it extremely helpful for taking out infested strongholds. You can basically just spam it to eliminate Spores and the Infested Stronghold without even taking a chance on entering.

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Now, if you pair this with Speed Cola as well as PhD Flopper you're going to have a great time.

There are no attachments for this weapon so you don't even need to build it in the gunsmith. 

Ray Gun

Ray Gun remains the best wonder weapon to use in Zombies mode. The amount of damage it produces is incredible. It is so quick to reload as well with Speed Cola and makes for a weapon that if you come across it you simply should never avoid it.

The only drawback to the Ray Gun over earlier zombie iterations is that it fires at a noticeably slower rate. However, when combined with the PhD Flopper, Speed Cola, Stamina Up, and Deadshot Daiquiri, you have one of the best weapons in the game without a doubt.

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