Best ways to earn and spend Gold money in Warcraft Rumble WR

Blizzard launched Warcraft Rumble (WR), a real-time strategy game set in the Warcraft universe, for iOS and Android platforms.


The objective of the game is to land units on terrain by gradually generating gold. In order to win the game, these units must progress alone and destroy every tower that the opposition has while you are defending your own.


WR's primary form of currency is gold. It lets you buy soldiers and commanders. You can get them by completing various missions such as Arclight Surge missions. You can identify these missions easily as they appear in blue on your map, and they pop-up on every 3 days. Arclight Surge missions give you gold just like the Campaign missions does. So by completing any of those missions will get you a 60 Gold reward and I believe you’ll get 10 of them every 3 days. So I suggest you to take these Arclight Missions always because once they disappear, you will lose that Gold forever ever.


I believe that's your main source of gold other than Campaign and Heroic missions. Of course you can also check your daily offers or buy them from the store with real money.


How do you spend your gold in Warcraft Rumble?

As previously stated, the primary means of exchange in the game is gold, which is also the most crucial because your goal is to increase your collection level as far as possible, which in turn will increase your experience points. The fastest way to raise your collection level is to use gold, so spend it wisely.


First and foremost, you should focus on unlocking every single unit before you even getting any stars, before you bring any units to green or blue. This is because unlocking a unit will grant you five collection points, and you need fifty points to level up your collection level. Therefore, you should unlock every single mini from white to gray. After all of your minis are in gray, you should upgrade them to green before upgrading any single mini to blue. This is the most effective way to maximize your gold spend.


Also, if you are going to buy some gold in the shop or if you're going to buy something in the shop I really suggest always going for bundles. It is the best way to spend gold in WR because they give you more value but especially I believe it's called the booster bundle. There's a bundle that gives you 50% increased in gold.