Best ways to make money in Lethal Company

In the brand-new co-op survival horror game Lethal Company, you must fight to survive for scraps either alone or with your teammates in an extremely dangerous setting.

It really does have a lot in common with paranormal investigation games, in which you pack equipment and take a chance by entering a dangerous region in an attempt to live and return with some benefit. But instead of doing investigating as you would in games like Demonologist or Phasmophobia, in Lethal Company you're scavenging for resources.

There are individual runs in the game. In a run, you will have a few days to reach a certain quota. If you do, you will advance to the next run, where you’ll get more quota and additional time limit to complete it. If you don't meet the quota or die too often, you lose and have to restart the run. So this is the main gameplay loop. You will see a quota above the main terminal on your ship, which indicates how much time you have left to earn the necessary quota.

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Now, your ship will depart at midnight, regardless of whether anyone is on board or not and if your ship departs without anyone on it the whole crew is wiped out then you will lose everything that you haven't sold. So it is important to have a person in charge of the command center because in the event that everyone else in the facility dies, that person may simply leave and save some of the items currently on board the ship. Any belongings that a deceased crew member may have had with them will be forfeited, and you will be fined for having a casualty on your run. However, if you find their body, take it and bring it with you, and if it's on board when the run is over and you depart the moon then you will not be fined for that death. So, if your teammates do not survive, make sure to seize their bodies.

Once you've collected all the loot and reached the finish of your run, you may sell your goods for cash by entering Moons on the terminal and heading straight to the company building. Remember, the later you wait until your quota is due the more money you will receive for the items that you sell. So, if at all possible, you should keep everything on board until the quota is shown as having zero days left. At that point, you should travel to the corporate headquarters and sell everything for its full value. If you sell it every single time, you will not only lose money since you will not receive its full value, but you will also spend time flying back to the Moon where the company building is located. However, there is a chance that you would lose everything and receive nothing if you have items on the ship and your whole team is wiped out.

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