Defeat Bracken in Lethal Company

Lethal Company (LC) is one of the most popular horror games out there at the moment. In order to make more money in the game, you must visit to other planets to collect resources.

In LC, you will encounter many monsters and in this short article, we’ll share some useful tips on how to escape or defeat Bracken in Lethal Company.    

The Bracken, often referred to as the Flower Man or the Shadow Man, will try to stealthily sneak up on his victim, killing them instantaneously if he is successful. He is patient and will wait for good moments to strike. You must keep an eye on your surroundings since he can see where you are looking and where you are going. He will circle back around a few times to see which way is best to strike you.

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He begins off sneaking around in stealth mode. If you manage to catch him in that state by getting him to appear within about 60% of your screen, he will go into retreat mode. You have around 1.5 seconds to escape, but the longer you look at him, the more likely it is that he will kill you. So, if you glance at him once to get him to start running, he will start to jiggle and make noise; after that, don't look at him again.

In Lethal Company, Bracken can be defeated with multiple shovel hits. If you want to cheese him in Solo with a shovel, you must utilize the rail trick; otherwise, you can use a stun grenade or a zap gun, which are both feasible. You have to back up on the rail as if you're going to fall off on the opposite direction where he can't reach. This is typically over a death pit; it's a little risky, but it works.

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