MW3 Zombies: Mercenary Convoy locations map, find keycard

In order to advance story mission “Interceptor” in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (CoD MW3) Zombies, you must destroy a mercenary convoy and locate the keycard in Act 1. In this guide, we've included every potential spot where you might find a mercenary convoy along with the mercenary stronghold keycard.

The mercenary convoy appears on the map at random, but you can guess that it is located in Urzikstan's southern region. It is possible to pinpoint three fairly plausible locations for the mercenary convoy, even though its spawn is random. The location of the mercenary convoy is indicated in the following map:

CoD, MW3 Zombies, Mercenary Convoy, Locations Map, Keycard, Zaravan City, Zaravan Suburbs

To the west of Zaravan City is the first potential location. The second potential spawn location is to the south, specifically at the roundabout that sits between Zaravan City and Zaravan Suburb. East of Zaravan Suburbs, on the wide bridge, is where the third and last potential spawn can be found.

After you have intercepted and destroyed the mercenary convoy, all you have to do to finish the mission is to retrieve the dropped mercenary stronghold key card. So don't forget to pick up the keycard; failing to do so will result in the mission not being successfully completed.

Pay close attention to these sites and see whether the mercenary convoy spawns. You can move directly on to the next point in case the convoy fails to appear. To avoid needlessly driving back and forth, it's advisable to start at either the left or right spawn spot and proceed to the other potential locations.

Why Mercenary Stronghold keycard is so important? 

Using the Mercenary Keycard you can enter the Mercenary Stronghold. Despite being full of foes, strongholds will provide you with some decent weaponry and incentives to aid in the killing of zombies. 

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