Ship controls, terminal, useful items to buy in Lethal Company

In this article, we’ll share some useful tips on how the ship controls, terminal and buying items Work in Lethal Company.  

In Lethal Company, your ship has two main screens to interact with. Your monitor displays the information of the area you're currently hovering above, and as well as the whereabouts of every member in your group. It lets you change your plans by enabling you to land on or take off from the moon. Next to that is the terminal and this is where you purchase equipment from the store and you can also switch places or navigate to a new area where the player assuming the role of the command chair can interact with items and objects that are inside of the facility you are landed at. So choosing a spot to land and begin looting should be your first priority. You have a certain number of days to reach your quota and each day is an entire time spent at one place. So when you land on a moon to obtain scrap it will take a whole day. The day will end when you depart.

You have secure doors on your ship that may be opened or closed, and the only way to interact with them is through the terminal. Now, if you're in a group, you do want one person on board to be in charge of the controls and the monitors so you can keep an eye on people by using the radar system to see them moving around. Then you can also open and close secured doors by typing open space—the door's moniker, which is typically a letter followed by a number—to open and close guarded doors. So open T9 would open at a door labeled T9 on the radar and allows you to navigate your friends through this facility.

Besides, you may identify potential threats and opponents before they encounter them and also when they approach a turret, the turret will have a name and you can momentarily disable it. This lets them pass without being shot at and also helps you guide them to the main door or a fire exit if they get lost because some of the layouts are actually very dark and very confusing.

Once you have enough money, you can also purchase upgrades for your ship, such as the Inverse Teleporter, which requires the person in charge of the ship to initiate it. So in order to teleport someone from the facility to the ship, you must be present on the ship. This is where the command chairman is useful.

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Terminal is also how you purchase and receive items. So when you type "store" on the terminal it will display all the available items. Once you make your purchase, at the top of the hour, a delivery item or package will appear on the outside of the ship, on the open area outside the facility. You can then take possession of those items. You will lose them if you pass away. Although, you cannot store them, you can carry them around with you and they are highly useful.

In addition, you may also type scan on the terminal to see the current number of items in the facility as well as their total value. So you can determine how much you missed and whether it's worth returning to obtain more.

Useful Items to buy at the beginning of Lethal Company


Flashlight is useful as it lets you light up dimly lit passageways. Some labyrinth style areas become easier to navigate when you can see what's around the corner.


Boomboxes are helpful in distracting sound-based opponents. Some enemies on the outside of the open world are blind but yet they react to sound. It is therefore quite helpful to be able to lure them away from an entrance so that you can escape that way. Besides, there are some facility enemies that work in the same manner.


 Another helpful item you'll need is a walkie-talkie, particularly if you're playing in a group. This makes it possible for you to communicate with anyone who owns a walkie-talkie no matter where they are. There is proximity based voice chat but obviously if you have someone in the ship and someone in the facility they won't be able to be in proximity to talk to each other. So get a walkie-talkie to communicate with someone who also owns a walkie-talkie. To use it or talk to anyone you have to hold down the left click button. So, it is best if every member of your team has one so that you can stay in contact when searching for scrap.

TZP Inhalant

Another important item to buy is the TZP Inhalant. It functions as a stamina reset and kind of speed boost. It helps you outrun monsters that are typically faster than your base run speed, such as the swiftly moving Eyeless Dogs or Circuit Bees. If that's the case, the Inhalant will help you escape from them.

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