WRC tips: new features and mode to start EA Sports racing game

WRC (2023) is the latest rally racing simulator from EA Sports. The game features a dynamic weather system that changes the conditions during the race, along with 37 cars, 52 stages, 13 locales, and 37 stages. Together with competing against other players, you can personalize your vehicle and make your own pace notes.

Before you can start playing WRC, there are a few new features that you need be aware of and comprehend. Among the main features of WRC are its 78 Rally Cars, which comprise World Rally Championship vehicles. 

Another feature that is comparable to My Team in the F1 Series is the Car Builder, which allows you to design and personalize your own rally cars.

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For rally enthusiasts, the Moment mode feature is particularly thrilling since it lets you participate in well-known settings from the real WRC. There will also be regular updates to the Moments mode with new challenges. All players will be able to enjoy around fifty moments from the first season and there will be an additional seven moments available to EA Play subscribers.

Therefore, it's advisable to take your time and become familiar with the various features that the game offers.

You must realize that playing in the same mode with the same vehicle over and over won't make your gaming better. Instead, you must venture outside of your comfort zone and try out new modes in order to find and surpass your own limits.

The Regularity Rally is a brand-new mode that assesses your precision and consistency. In this mode, your goal is to drive as close to the target average speed as you can without exceeding or falling short of it. You will lose points for every second you deviate from the target speed. Your ability to read pace notes, regulate the throttle, and focus will all increase with this mode.

Clumps are asynchronous, cross-platform multiplayer competitions that allow you to compete against players worldwide and are also an excellent way to push yourself. You have the option to start your own club with custom settings and rules, or you may join one that already exists. 

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