Best graphics settings to run The Day Before TDB on PC

In this article, we’ll share some useful in-game graphics settings to optimize The Day Before TDB on PC.

Video / Graphics Settings

Screen Resolution - Native

Screen Mode - Fullscreen

NVIDIA DLSS or AMD FSR - Quality (depends on your graphics card)

NVIDIA Reflex - On 

VSync - Off

Texture Quality - Fantastic (depends on the amount of Vram you have on your PC)  

Effects Quality - Fantastic

Shadow Quality - High

Shader Quality - Medium

Anti-Aliasing Quality - disabled (Auto)

Post-Processing Quality - Medium

Foliage Quality - Medium

View Distance Quality - Fantastic

Reflection Quality - Medium

Best Graphics Settings, The Day Before, TDB, PC

This game is generally well-optimized, at least when it comes to modern hardware. The game is rather demanding as it is because I'm pushing frames from a 3080 Ti at 2K, but performance should significantly improve if you lower the resolution to 1080p. The DLSS and AMD FSR2 should do quite a bit of heavy lifting. 

We've essentially gone through all of the video settings in TDB with the exception of Texture Quality, which depends on how much VRAM you have. Post-Processing depending if you like a motion blur, Depth of Field and chromatic aberration Foliage Quality to give a slide competitive advantage and finally Reflection Quality for water and things like that. The other options don't really make an impact except for perhaps Shadow Quality in some scenes with more objects.