Best graphics settings to run Ready or Not Update 1.0 2023 PC

In this article, we’ll give you the best in-game graphics settings to make your Ready or Not (update 1.0 2023) game looks better on your PC.

Firstly, there are two options available to you when you start your game: the API DirectX 11 or 12. The DirectX 12 is the one that is best tuned. The only situation in which you should test or use DirectX 11 is if your computer is very old. In certain cases, your GPU may have been designed for DirectX 11, and in other situations, it may improve your frame rate. So if you have an old PC, certainly give it a test.

In-game graphics 

Screen Mode - Fullscreen 

Resolution - Native 

Resolution Scale - 100%

Interface Aspect Ratio - Native

Field of View - 90


Advanced graphics

Texture Quality - Epic (depends on the amount of Vram on your system)

Shadow Quality - Medium 

Post Process Quality - Low

Anti-Aliasing Quality - Low

VFX Quality - Low

View Distance - High

Frame Limit - Disabled 

Motion Blur - Disabled

VSync - Disabled 

Bounced Light - Disabled 

Best Graphics Settings, Ready or Not, Update 1.0, 2023, PC

Enable World Decals - Enabled

Decal Fade Distance - 50%

Optiwand FPS Limit - Disabled 

Optiwand Resolution Scale - 100%

AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 2 (FSR 2 quality) or Nvidia DLSS - Quality   

NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency - Enabled

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