Best graphics settings to run Tarkov Arena on low high PC

In this article, we’ll share you the best in-game graphics settings to make your Escape from Tarkov Arena game looks better on your high-end or low-end PC.

Only Use Physical Cores - Activate (recommended for high-end PC with 6+ Core CPU)

FOV - 63

Head Boling - 2

Graphics Settings

Screen Resolution - Native

Screen Mode - Fullscreen

Aspect Ratio - Native

VSync - Off

Texture Quality - High (depends on the amount of Vram on your PC)

Shadow Quality - Medium

Object LOD Quality - 2.5

Overall Visibility - 2000

Anti-Aliasing - Off

Resampling - 1xOff


AMD FSR 2.2 - Off

HBAO - Off

SSR - Off

Best Graphics Settings, Escape From Tarkov, Arena Low-End, High-End, PC

Anisotropic Filtering - On

NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency - On

Sharpens - 0.7

Lobby FPS Limit - 60

High quality color - Off

Z-Blur - Off

Chrom abberrations - Off

Noise - Off

Grass Shadows - Off

Mip Streaming - Off