Best Hidden gameplay settings: Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

After completing Avatar: (FoP) Frontiers of Pandora's main story line and spending several hours playing the game, I'm going to share a few useful, hidden or secret settings that you should also consider turning on while you play through this game.

There are two notable features in Avatar: the first one is the Autocomplete SID Hacking feature and the second one is the Autocomplete SID Lock-On feature. Now, when you come across all of those hackable devices in the game these options allow you to complete them quickly. Avatar has a ton of minigames, so if you don't think about turning these settings on, you might end up with PTSD.

The Memory Painting Difficulty is another setting that you must activate. You can also autocomplete them If you're having trouble with any of the minigames.

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It's also necessary to disable the Gathering Complexity feature in the settings. This will allow you to collect fruit and resources at once, but keep in mind that you will lose the performance bonus in doing so.

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