Best graphics settings to run MW3 Zombies on low high PC

In this article, will share you the best in-game graphics settings to increase FPS and run Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) Zombies smoothly on low-end or high-end PC.

Graphics Settings


Display Mode - Fullscreen Exclusive 

Display Adaptor - (Select the most powerful graphics card in your system)

Screen Refresh Rate - (Should match your monitor)

Display Resolution - Native

Aspect Ratio - Automatic

Display Gama - 2.2 (SRGB) 

Brightness - 50 (it's your preference)

Constrain Mouse To Game Window - Off

Nvidia Reflex Low Latency - On

V-Sync (Gameplay) - Off

V-Sync (Menus) – Off

Custom Frame Rate - Custom

Gameplay Custom Frame Rate Limit - 250 or Uncapped 

Menu Custom Frame Rate Limit - 60

Out of Focus Custom Frame Rate Limit - 30

Focus Mode - 0 

High Dynamic Range (HDR) - Automatic (depends on your display)


Graphics Preset - Balance 

Render Resolution - 100 (should match your display)

Dynamic Resolution - Off

Upscaling / Sharpening - Nvidia DLSS or AMD FSR 2.1

Nvidia / AMD FSR Preset - Ultra Quality 

Vram Scale Target - 80

Variable Rate Shading - On

Details & Textures 

Texture Resolution - Normal (Depends on the amount of Vram)

Texture Filter Anisotropic - High

Depth Of Field - Off

Detail Quality Level - Low

Particle Resolution - Low

Bullet Impacts - On

Persistent Effects - Off

Shader Quality - Low

On-Demand Texture Streaming Quality - Low

MW3, Zombies, CoD, Battle Field Image

Shadow & Lighting 

Shadow Quality - High 

Screen Space Shadows - High

Ambient Occlusion - Static Objects (GTAO)

Screen Space Reflections - High

Static Reflection Quality - High



Tessellation - Off

Terrain Memory - Max

Volumetric Quality - Low

Deferred Physics Quality - Off

Weather Grid Volumes - Off

Water Quality - Off


Field Of View (FOV) - 120 (it's your preference)

ADS Field Of View - Affected 

Weapon Field Of View - Default 

3RD Person Field Of View - 80 

Vehicle Field Of View - Default


World Motion Blur - Off

Weapon Motion Blur - On

Film Grain - Off

1st Person Camera Movement - Least (50%)

3rd Person Camera Movement - Least (50%)

3rd Person ADS Transition - 3rd Person ADS

Specter Camera - Helmet Camera 

Inverted Flashbang - On

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