Best starter Pals in Palworld

Selecting your Starter Pal is an important choice in Palworld. There are three choices, and each Pal has special abilities fit for a particular playstyle. You can select the perfect starter Pals for your adventure with the help of this guide.

Foxparks, Lamball, and Chikipi are the three Starter Pals that you’ll get in Palworld. Each of them has special skills. Their abilities and how they can affect your gameplay experience in the Palworld universe are covered in detail in this article.

Foxparks (#001 in the Paldeck):

Type: Fire.

Skills: agile, capable of using as a flamethrower, and it shoots fireballs

Utility: Cooking and lighting campfires are vital for Palworld survival.

Lamball (#007 in the Paldeck):

Type: Neutral.

Skills: Roll attack, a machine gun, and a portable shield are among skills that Lamball has at his disposal during combat.

Utility: Despite its weakness in battle, useful in construction.

Best Starter Pals, Palworld

Chikipi (#031 in the Paldeck):

Type: Neutral.

Skills: Air attacks.

Utility: Despite his lack of combat skill, you’ll find plenty of them and they are a good source of food.

Choose a starter Pal based on your preferred style of play. Foxparks is the best option if you enjoy playing offensively. Lamball is a smart pick if you're searching for defensive versatility. For those who want a simple survival alternative, Chikipi is a good choice.

Even though you can only select one Starter Pal at a time, you can eventually catch the other ones later in the game. So don't worry too much about your first selection.

In Palworld, selecting your Starter Pal is a crucial first step towards your journey. Every Pal has something special to offer, regardless of whether you choose the firepower of Foxparks, the versatility of Lamball, or the simplicity of Chikipi.